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Nature attracts me since early childhood and still now I prefer to be outside. I was born on Schiermonnikoog and all my life I have loved living and working here. The island is very diverse and every day is different. The will to survive in plants and animals is clearly present here and many things here in nature illustrate what’s written in theory books.

I invite you to contact us and maybe we will meet on the island. An overview of the activities we offer can be found here.

My great passion is showing other people these special things in nature. I love doing this with the outdoor activities I offer through my wife’s company, De Witte Haas.

  • In this setting, I have enjoyed giving small-scale outdoor photography workshops since 2019 with which I was able help many people perceiving nature more consciously and becoming more creative with the camera. Our clients appreciate the personal attention. I try to take into account the wishes of each participant individually and Marjolein likes to take the time to answer practical questions. We make a good team that way.
  • Since 2023 we expanded our activities to include nature walks, day trips to the east side of the island, seabed walks, plant identification and cornet fishing for families on the beach. With all these activities we want to offer a unique experience in the nature of Schiermonnikoog while paying attention to the fragility of the environment. When background information is desired I like to go into that because with some inside information you get to know the island better.
  • Guiding through nature gives me great satisfaction and when photographing I find peace by focusing. I also like to paint with oils. The landscape here is so overwhelmingly beautiful that I keep looking for ways to capture that beauty. In my paintings, it is mainly the sea and the clouds that inspire me with their ever-changing colors and shapes. After a walk or bike ride, I make sketches in oil or oil paintings on canvas. I then sell these in summer at the Strúnmarkt and online through the web store of De Witte Haas.

Again, I invite you to contact us and maybe we will meet on the island. An overview of the activities we offer can be found here.

Every day I am grateful to be able to live here. On Schiermonnikoog there is so much interesting happening in nature and it is my passion to show that to other people. Background information brings seemingly meaningless things to life and better observation helps you discover more in your own environment.

-Folkert Abma

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